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Image by Casey Horner

Beside You Without Judgement or Expectation

What helps enormously in our attempts to know our own minds is, surprisingly, the presence of another mind.

- The School of Life - 

How I Can Help You

Beside You Without Judgement or Expectation

I work with people aged 18 years and over from many different social, economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I genuinely value building safe and secure relationships with clients. This is everything in terms of therapy.


My intention is to be with you, while we both explore what is going on for you.  This is without judgement or expectation. It is about noticing and reflecting. It is about being on your side. I listen carefully and aim to see the world through your eyes. I accept you for the person you are, not the person you feel you need to be.


In experiencing this, it may be possible to look at the things you have been turning away from. These are the things that may have been quietly, or loudly, asking for your attention. They may currently feel too painful, sorrowful, embarrassing, or shameful to look at on your own.

Part of our work together is about developing greater self-understanding. Through support and challenge, we work reciprocally to create moments of clarity, enhancing your relationship with yourself. This is about learning to give yourself the kindness and compassion you would unhesitatingly offer a valued friend.

Why Reach Therapy
Image by Casey Horner

Why Reach Therapy?

I thought carefully about what to call my therapeutic practice. I wanted to convey something about the importance of connecting with others. This is because sometimes we believe we ‘should’ be able to work through things on our own. If we can’t, we panic. We interpret this as meaning that we are somehow flawed or that we have already failed. I don’t think it’s always possible to sort things out on our own. Sometimes they are too big, different, new, or frightening for our minds to work through in isolation.

This is where self-knowledge steps in. Part of knowing ourselves is recognising the difference between when we can manage things for ourselves and when we need support. By reaching out to others, we are actively increasing our coping resources. This means we are already taking control of what needs to be different. This is described more eloquently in this article from The School of Life: The Importance of Having A Breakdown.

What My Clients Say

“Sarah is very friendly, non-judgmental and extremely supportive. She has a relaxed approach but is very knowledgeable and understanding of your needs and requirements. I feel completely at ease working through my array of issues/problems with Sarah.”

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